Lazy days!

What a lovely 2 days I’ve just had. Sunday was spent watching F1, knitting and catching up on a few things on the Sky+ box. I still managed to do a proper cooked breakfast of American Pancakes with lemon juice and sugar which were yummy, wash the pots, do a load of clothes washing, sort out a dry load of clothes from Saturday and cook a proper roast Sunday dinner. The most frustrating aspect to Sunday was just before bedtime. I’ve been furiously knittung the right front of the bodywarmer for Laura, my current WIP, and last night I started doing the decreasing to shape the armhole. As I was working it, I realised that I had done the pattern around the cable wrong so that it now wasn’t symmetrical with the left front and that the cable sat wrong for the formation of the armhole on that side. Well, there was nothing else I could do but undo the whole front. It is so frustrating but I can’t bear such huge mistakes in my garments or any projects. So unpicking it all was my last job before bedtime.

Monday always starts early because Aaron gets up at 5.00am to drive to work in Aberdeen. I always wake up but today I had no problem going back to sleep. Sometimes I can’t which leads to long Mondays. Today was a bit busy first thing, getting Laura sorted for school. She just needs a presence really because she is good at getting her things organised. Today she was excited as she was going on a trip to Durham and the Old Fulling Mill. In her excitement she forgot to take the packed lunch she had made and, just as I spotted it on the kitchen worktop, school rang about it. So, one mercy dash later and the lunch was duly delivered!

I ought to package parcels of the goodies sold in my ebay store but today I ‘needed’ to get on with the right front. So I did which is a bit naughty really but I had done parcels on Friday which is unusual for me. It will be done tomorrow instead. The day did me good. I have now caught up and am working the armhole now until it measures 12cm from which point I shape the neck, work the armhole until it reaches 19cm and then finish off. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Not only that but I feel ready to work hard tomorrow at Weight Watchers and then here making up orders and posting them. Tomorrow night I should finish off the right front. While I was knitting earlier on I was thinking about what scrapbooking project I might undertake next. The album project we got on Saturday appeals to me and using the Isabella papers by Bo Bunny with it would be great. I was thinking about doing an album to celebrate Laura’s 10th birthday – I mean how the heck did that happen?! I was thinking of a photo as a newborn plus other stages in her first 10 years to mark her first decade. She thinks the word decade makes her sound old and I agree but that also makes me 4 decades old now, not 3 when she was born and makes me feel very old too!


The photo above shows the album with its different textured pages.


The photo above is of the Isabella papers by Bo Bunny – I also got a fab 12×12 sticker sheet with an alphabet and other items.

The next photo is of the Teresa Collins papers we received as part of our kit on Saturday.


Saturday definitely got my creative juices flowing again so I will spend Wednesday while Laura is at school scrapbooking, doing the above album I think. Or maybe Thursday who knows?


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